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I don't want to write my speech

Title: Rattle of Cages
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Rating: PG13(ish)
Words: 110, I think

A voice was calling. Someone somewhere was crying. It was worrying, it was annoying.

There were soft hands on softer skin and lips touched the fluttering muscles beneath them.

No matter how he pressed his hands against his head, he couldn't drown the sad voice whispering from far away. A headache formed between his temples.

In the temple they laid. Chocolate hair on his chest as his demon snuggled closer, tugging at the white sheets. Pure.

Giving up, he walked in the direction of the voice. The wind carried the sound from the small cave miles away.

The light of the dawn awoke them, their hands still entwined.

"Come on."

A/n: This was written for the 100_roadtrips 'Ghost' challenge.
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I totally understood that!! *eyes glittering* sexy *.*

Gotta love the Sanzo/Goku lovins ^_^

Whee! I'm so glad it made sense to you. I'm happy you liked it.