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Classic Gravi to sooth the smut wantin' soul of the Momo!!

So you guys have been smutless lately?? What the hell's wrong wtih you all!?? where's the Yaoi love getting passed around!?? ack... I knew I never should've left...

Title: Fall... on your knees
Pairing: Shuichi/Yuki
Description: Ahh Fall... What Better Way To Spend It Than With The One You Love...
Warnings: SMUT for the smut duckies!!
Notes: This is short and rambled on site... so I'm not promising anything mind blowing or nuthin'

Orange... the whole world was orange.
Offset yet complimented by splashes or red,brown, and yellow here and there.

A crisp wind pulled the leaves into a festive dance and the few clusters of leaves left on their branches swayed, breaking the sunlight into inconsistent pools of light on the leafy ground.

"Bet'cha can't find me Yuki!!!" A sugary and excited voice called from somewhere unknown.

Yuki sat on the bench, elbows propped up against the back and a cigarette hanging from his lips.

"I'll bet I can't find him either. So I'm not going to try... Even though He's behind that tree over there." Yuki didn't even open his eyes yet pointed to a particulary large tree not far from where he was sitting.

"I'm over there!? wow!! I didn't know that!!" Shuichi bound out from behind another tree running over to the large one Yuki pointed to.

"Hey!! I'm not behind here!" Shuichi pouted.

Yuki stood up walking over to where Shuichi was.

"No... but I found you." Yuki smirked slightly.

Shuichi's eyes lit up as if in shock... then he started laughing a bit.
"Yeah... guess you did!"

"So, what's my prize?" Yuki's smirk grew more defined and his eyes got that dangerously gorgeous sharp gaze to them.

"Who says you got anything!?" Shuichi chuckled as Yuki placed a hand on either side of Shuichi against the tree, pinning him there.

"I should at least get something" Yuki bent his head down placing a kiss on Shuichi's neck along with a slight bite. Shuichi burst a slight laugh.

"I was thinking... m...maybe a drink... or something... but... this is good too." Shuichi wrapped an arm around Yuki's waist shivering at the warmth of Yuki's tongue against his cold neck.

The sun had started to give away to the shadows of the night, so unless someone had actually be walking by... you could hardly notice the two of them tucked away in the shadows...

"Maybe... we should... take this home?" Shuichi was blissfully excited to say the least. Yuki had slid Shuichi's shirt up, slowly letting his fingers slide up and down Shuichi's bare skin.

"why? you're the one that says we should get out more." he whispered hotly into Shuichi's ear, shortly after tracing his tongue along the ear and down shuichi's neck where he continued down beyond Shuichi's bunched up shirt and started pressing kisses against his chest.

Shuichi gasped and chuckled, not believing Yuki was doing this out in the open.

Yuki encircled one of Shuichi's nipples, the sudden combonation of the searing warmth of Yuki's tongue to the cold of Shuichi's skin made him moan lightly, his breath dissapearing in a cloud as the sun, and the tempurature, dropped. Yuki's free hand moved down to Shuichi's shorts, making quick work of the button and zipper and slid his hand in beginning to rub Shuichi's already swollen crotch.

Shuichi moaned, bracing himself against the tree cause his knees were starting to go weak. Yuki stopped his work on Shuichi's chest and removed his hand from Shuichi's shorts, instead sliding down completely on his knees, his hands quickly working Shuichi's shorts and underwear down with him.

Shuichi gasped loudly, suddenly looking around everywhere, feeling like at the moment everyone in the world could see this.

"Y..Yuuu--kii!!" Shuichi whispered harshly, his voice about 3 octives above normal. Yuki just looked up at him, pure seduction in his eyes and he ran his hands up Shuichi's legs. Shuichi shivered, not being able to help but be turned on by the look on Yuki's face and the excitement that someone COULD be watching.

Yuki didn't say anything in response but instead slid his tongue against the underside of Shuichi's head, and drew him just barely between his lips. Shuichi's whole body quivered as he tried not to gasp loudly. Yuki took his free hand and placed it against Shuichi's back. Shuichi thought Yuki was doing that for support until Yuki pushed Shuichi foward, causeing Shuichi to thrust himself deeper into Yuki's mouth. Shuichi couldn't contain himself this time as he gasped loudly, one hand still against the tree behind him, and the other falling to Yuki's head.

"Yu-ki" Shuichi barely moaned as he slowly pulled himself back against the tree and Yuki followed him, beginning to suck lightly and trace his tongue along Shuichi's shaft. Shuichi's hips bucked forward and he flet like he was going to fall his knees started shaking so badly.

Shuichi started to rock his hips ever so slowly realizing Yuki wasn't going to stop so there was really no reason to hold back now.

Yuki chuckled darkly, the vibration of it only serving to make Shuichi moan lightly and push him hips forward again. Yuki caught him half way this time, starting to pick up the pace of his tongue as it trailed around Shuichi. Shuichi moaned again, feeling the beginning of that aching desire deep inside of him.

Eventually Shuichi broke down all together, rational thought being completely lost as his body started working on it's own, his hips bucking forcefully, and Yuki grinning to himself inwardly catching Shuichi half way everytime, what little nails he had running down Shuichi's quivering thighs.

Shuichi's moaning grew louder and more frantic. His head leaned back, his mouth open in a gasp. The burning in his stomach had come to a full raging boil as Yuki continued to pump Shuichi between his lips.

"Y...yu...ki!--" Shuichi moaned loudly, thrusting his hips one last time as his body arched forward, his mouth open in a silent cry as Yuki brought stars to Shuichi's eyes.

Shuichi opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the ground. Yuki was sitting next to him smiling to himself. For the briefest moment, Shuichi wondered why he was on the ground when he remembered it was the last thing that'd happened... his legs finally just gave out on him and Yuki had caught him and lowered him to the ground. He also noted that his shorts were back up and buttoned as well. He sat up about to speak and Yuki just stared at him a and started chuckling as he lit a cigarette.

"W...What!?" Shuichi blushed slightly, until he realized he partially couldn't see. He stared at the spot cross-eyed as he raised his hand to his head and found a leaf stuck to his forehead from sweat. Then he started laughing too.

"You big meanie!!" Shuichi mocked like he was beating on Yuki's arm but he was barely even touching him.

"You're the one that said we should enjoy the fall... so I did."

"I didn't mean THAT kinda fall!"

Yuki looked at him with that sharp, sly gaze again.

"You didn't seem to be complaining a moment ago."

Shuichi growled slightly.

"Ooooo... I'm SO gonna get you BACK!!" he pounced knocking Yuki down and started huggling him madly.

"Then do it at home... cause I'm cold." Yuki stood up even with Shuichi still locked onto him.

"You never let me have any fun." Shuichi pouted.

"I didn't say this was over yet did I?"

Shuichi's smile came back 10-fold.

"You're SO gonna get it when we get home!!"


There you little smut duckies!!! Enjoy!!
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