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So, um, this one is a little different. Kind of a 69 Eyes fan fiction but not really. Anyway, here's the link to it (I'm to lazy to cut and copy):

Black Rose

Let me know what you think.

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EW fic!

Story: Fading Spiritual
Part II: Empty Garden
Fandom: EverWorld
Pairing: J/C D/C Ganymede/C (all implications)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Angst, deathfic, self-mutilation

Empty GardenCollapse )

A/n: All I have left is Jalil. Jalil was originally the second chapter, and then my computer froze. So. There. One more boguht of depression and I'm done. ...Even though I have that other sad fic to finish.
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This is what happens when you should study for finals....

Title: Observation
Fandom: Gravi
Rating: PG-13 ...yaoicest (almost forgot that)
Pairing: TohFu, Fujisaki POV (TohmaFujisaki)
Dedication: Lali-san and Andie-san, my fellow TohFu lovers.

Observe!Collapse )

A/n: Wonderfully short, and the first thing I've completed since Lali-san started disappearing. Cross posted: doilyhands and 27th_precinct
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x-posted in my journal

Story: Fading Spiritual
Part One: Stone By Stone
Fandom: EverWorld
Pairing: Implied Christopher/Ganymede J/C D/C
Raitng: haRdaRk
Warnings: Angst, deathfic, self-mutilation

Stone by StoneCollapse )

A/n: Yeah. i feel like being depressing. So. I want to make someone miserable. *stares* Shit, that's a freaking awful thing to do! >.<' Sorry. I'll write SappyHappy after I finish the other two parts of this. guh...I'm terrible today.
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Classic Gravi to sooth the smut wantin' soul of the Momo!!

So you guys have been smutless lately?? What the hell's wrong wtih you all!?? where's the Yaoi love getting passed around!?? ack... I knew I never should've left...

Title: Fall... on your knees
Pairing: Shuichi/Yuki
Description: Ahh Fall... What Better Way To Spend It Than With The One You Love...
Warnings: SMUT for the smut duckies!!
Notes: This is short and rambled on site... so I'm not promising anything mind blowing or nuthin'

Who could've thought fall could be so much fun!Collapse )

There you little smut duckies!!! Enjoy!!
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All right bitchs, enough of this dawdling. It's Fall Break!! Where's the yaoi?! Where's the smut?! Get up off your lazy asses and post!! (because I can't remember how to do the little linky thingy.) Blah.

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