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This is what happens when you should study for finals....

Title: Observation
Fandom: Gravi
Rating: PG-13 ...yaoicest (almost forgot that)
Pairing: TohFu, Fujisaki POV (TohmaFujisaki)
Dedication: Lali-san and Andie-san, my fellow TohFu lovers.

I watched his fingers float across white keys, unusually heavy cords echoing in the empty room. The music was darker, simple in it's quiet repeatition.

I watched his fingers float across my skin, unusually heavy heartbeats echoing in my ears. His eyes were darker, simple in their quiet lust.


I watched his lips move across the air, unusually soft as the touch my own. The were darker, bruised in their passion.

I watched him.

A/n: Wonderfully short, and the first thing I've completed since Lali-san started disappearing. Cross posted: doilyhands and 27th_precinct
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