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new story

So, um, this one is a little different. Kind of a 69 Eyes fan fiction but not really. Anyway, here's the link to it (I'm to lazy to cut and copy):

Black Rose

Let me know what you think.

Love & Hugs,
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Very nice! Your setting was impressively original, (I'm a dork that used Paris and Siberia for the whole story), and very dystopic- blame that phrase on AP 12.
I like that it had a happy ending, as if I have some odd predilection that you're going to write something very, very sad. And since you're so supremely talented, I wouldn't care if you're writing made me all depressed.

Now go fic.

No one seems to like the ending though. Michelle, Ashleigh, and Jessica all hated the ending. They thought she should turn him down...I'm a hopeless romantic but I only show it in what I write. *shrug*
I think it's more realistic and more philosophical. You have a logical romance.

What do Ashleigh, Mishie, and Jessica know anyway?
Very little. ;)