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Story: Fading Spiritual
Part One: Stone By Stone
Fandom: EverWorld
Pairing: Implied Christopher/Ganymede J/C D/C
Raitng: haRdaRk
Warnings: Angst, deathfic, self-mutilation

"You were my everything
My apparitional faith
Where are you when I am screaming to my God
What am I coming to"
-Emilie Autumn 'Castle Down'

Christopher pushed his face further under the covers, under the pillows. Even the far-away flickering candlelight was too bright.

Too bright. Like green eyes in a perfect place. Had to be there, ahd to do something. Had to do something to himself. A ghost of a reflection he didn't really have, and in the dark- he couldn't see it anyway.

His body was thin, thinner than Jalil's, and that was when everbody decided to worry. By worry, Christopher meant they tried to force food to stay inside of him, found any sharp object and took it away, all alcohol was gone... Any distraction was locked away in a kitchen cabinet some place far out of reach.

Out of reach. He'd been reaching out for so long, his arms had lengthened and he couldn't see the good in front of himself.

He'd been chasing shadows with weak wine and warm ale, ghosts in his mind holding hope and sorrow in the same shaking glass.

Shaking. When he started shaking in bed, he called for David, strong-almost too strong- arms held him. What lovely things he'd said Christopher couldn't remember. They were nice, the words, the voice. Guarded with worry. Sorrow.

The wind came silently to snuff the small flame, going out all at once.

In the dark, Christopher sighed, his head appearing from the white sheets. He breathed in, and never exhaled.
Green eyes, brown eyes, black eyes white...

A/n: Yeah. i feel like being depressing. So. I want to make someone miserable. *stares* Shit, that's a freaking awful thing to do! >.<' Sorry. I'll write SappyHappy after I finish the other two parts of this. guh...I'm terrible today.
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